About Badges by Jan

Nick and Cody Bettencourt, the new owners of Name Badges by Jan & Triad Trophy were both born and raised in rural Gilliam County, Oregon.  Though they attended different schools, with a county-wide population of 2,500, it’s safe to say they knew each other all of their lives.  

After high school, Cody attended community college in Bend and Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon before returning to Gilliam County to live and work.  Nick graduated from Eastern Oregon University in LaGrande, Oregon before earning his master’s degree at the University of New Orleans and eventually returned to Gilliam County to live and work.

Nick and Cody were looking for an opportunity when Name Badges by Jan became available for sale.  Based in Monmouth, Oregon, Jan & Dan Lowe had operated the business for over 30 years serving their local community as well as Elks all over the nation.  The two couples were able to finalize the sale on April 15, 2017 and Nick and Cody began filling orders on the 16th of April, 2017.  Nick and Cody were thrilled to get an established business with such a great reputation that they could operate from their small town home. 

It is our belief that name badges, trophies, plaques and all engraving is highly personal and carries memories and emotions!  That is why we are committed to making each piece personal to the person.  

WE ARE ALL ABOUT THE CUSTOM PIECE!!  Whether it is a name badge that gives that first impression of you or a plaque or trophy that represents your accomplishments each piece is about you and you should have what you want!

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